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Thursday, June 11th, 2015

It’s been so long I came here. And in my normal course of things this space went back into deep recesses of memory. I knew it was there just like you know you have that old pair of jeans lying in the back of your cupboard. But never brought it out. Time, salve procrastination and really having it outgrown are some lame excuses I can offer. But fact is it was neglected and forgotten. 

Till the time I got a rude shock of receiving a notification mail. I reckon most were getting deposited in the spam inbox till this one somehow went past it and reached my main inbox. 

I am aghast shocked and totally saddened to see the amount of spams that have hit the comment boxes of various posts. I am trying to remove them all but the bulk is huge.  And there are human comments too with the most sick and disgusting mentality being shamefully displayed. 

I will try to close all comments soon though I will have to figure it out how. 

Till then, drugstore let me please tell everyone that the comments on this site are not my creations or responsibility and I do not endorse them at all.