A Wednesday : Mumbai Mayhem

Like the film by a similar title (incidentally, a brilliant one on terrorism) Mumbai witnessed a terrifying Wednesday as ten of its most prominent locations came under terrorist seige.

Unlike the film, this was for real. And it didn’t end on that day. Even as I type this, nearly thirty two hours later, the drama continues – which shows the thorough and shrewd planning and preparedness the attackers had.

My heart cries for the criminal waste of innocent lives, as it bleeds for the unnecessary desecration of Taj Hotel’s beauty.

Frankly, I am quite at loss for words and feelings. I had expressed my anguish over the Delhi blasts. The same anguish is manifold now.

When will this mayhem end?

And I don’t mean just this one particular operation. I mean this alarming regularity of terror attacks.


  1. Juneli says:

    t’s really scarry and sad :(.

    We are scared here then what the situation of all those who are in Mumbai and more than that who are in their control :(.

    Seeing all these happening everywhere, seems peace has lost from the earth :(.

    Praying for the god.

  2. Ektaran says:

    not able to read your post(s) DJ.

  3. priyangini says:

    Its just proves the laxity of Indian intelligence and police. Pathetic. so much planning must have gone for this operation and no one realised it? Unbelievable.