Ek Tha Tiger–Film Review

Ek Tha Tiger  is a smashing entertainer with slick production values, ambulance a smooth as butter narrative flow, stunning action, superb music, crystal shining cinematography & Salman Khan in a top form.

Will not tell you the story here ( in any case its not about the story but the presentation) but just would say go out, have a blast, clap & whistle and get entertained to the core. Not a dull moment, the film balances the quieter part in neat proportions with the action ones ( and that too, one which is not gory or cacophonous, but one which is brilliantly choreographed aimed definitely to enthral & enchant the audience).

The script is well laid out, introducing the hero in its opening sequence, and then striding confidently on to its main storyline. I liked the little human & humanitarian details that were added on – for example, the RAW agent is just like us at the end of his action-packed day, having to break his sleep to get the morning milk from the doodh-wala, bearing the over-inquisitive eyes of his Delhi pad’s neighbours.  Even the hero-heroine introduction is peppered with subtle humour (the Doordarshan-Zee joke, which is used purposefully at a later stage), and the romance inches forward rather sensitively.

The cinematographer (Aseem Mishra) deserves a very special mention for his marvellous camera work as he captures Ireland, Turkey, Cuba and saadi Dilli in razor sharp frames.  The opening montage is a visual delight.

No doubt it is Salman’s film through and through and of course he elicits all the applause and holds the film on his able shoulders. Delightful. Magnificent. Marvellous. It’s great to see superstardom’s magic working overtime and at its full blown peak power – that’s what movies are all about, right? (Even in an otherwise snobbish PVR Juhu, there were people clapping and whistling at several of the sequences, and the claps included those of yours truly as well!)

Katrina is flawless and adds her own charming bit and is every bit the perfect foil to Salman. Mesmerising, magical!

Girish Karnad, Ranveer Shorey and other supporting cast fit the bill.

Director Kabir Khan keeps the proceedings in tight leash, nothing that is overdone or under developed.

The music ( Sohail Sen ) is great and have covered it in detail earlier, and the background score ( Julius Packam) is superb, picking up all the key tunes of the song at the right places.

In all, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. This is a glossy, commercial entertainment at its very best!  I doubt any movie this year has or will surpass Ek Tha Tiger’s star hypnotism!

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