London Paris New York–Film Review

Sweet, page short, slim and pretty much serene; though the film lacks a full-bodied story yet it makes it up with its inherent charm & easy-going affability, especially between the lead pair. Plus, it’s running time is just about right.


The story is about this pair who meets up in three different cities, for three days with each rendezvous taking their relationship forward.

They are the only main characters we ever get to see, so they carry a huge responsibility. Mercifully, both Ali Zafar & Aditi Rao Hyderi play it rather well. Zafar has an old-worldly slight-exaggerated, slight-stylized way of acting, which is charming in its own way, though at times you feel he could be reigned in.

But he does get the pitch bang on in the climax out-burst scene. I am sure it will be a highlight for him in times to come.

Aditi, on the other hand, is pretty natural, easy-going and very pleasing to the eyes. She captures the wide-eyed girl out-in-the-world look pretty effectively.

The dialogues are conversational; they add value. I liked the way every relevant detail is provided to the audience without the aid of a visual (except for one brief crucial flash-back, which could also have been avoided).

Sameer Arya’s cinematography is a visual treat. Each city is shot in a different hue, which expresses the mental frame of the lead pair – while London is shot in young & vibrant colours, Paris is deep and brown nurturing its dark secret and New York is explored in mature blues.

In all, charming and sweet.

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