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This place seriously needs an update!


This place seriously needs an update!



Jaane Hoga Kya – Now I wasnt expecting anything great from this long-in-the-making-released-hurriedly film. So, page what turned out was a pleasant surprise. And not because of its content. But for the inadvertant humor that the film provides. Ok, there so what’s it about? Cloning! Don’t choke on that coke, it is actually a film on human cloning. And how the directors (Glenn-Ankush) portray it is the best comedy released this year. As per this film, to make a clone there has to be two plastic covered ‘capsules’, connected to a computer. So, ‘data’ will move from one capsule to another, as heat rises, and out of steam a new human will be formed! Wow! That simple!

That’s how Aftab creates his own clone. But that’s not all. As soon as the new Aftab is formed, he leaves the capsule and *laugh laugh* heads for a dance bar to sing an item number with Maria Goretti. Some Bollywood pre-educated clone this was indeed! In fact, going by the number of songs that the clone gets to sing, he seems quite the ‘in-thing’! And other than the item number, this includes one roll-in-the-hay number with Preeti Jhangiani (who seems to have lost her voice and inhibitions permanently in this film).

Of course, the clone is not all that ‘good’, like the scientist. In fact, he turns out to be some ‘super-power’ monster with immense powers. Frankenstein, did some one say? Well, the scientist’s haalat is quite like that, but then the hero has to win in the end in movies!

Oh yes, in between all the songs and evil, there was a nice little twist in the end.

Overall – Watch it to laugh at it!

Aap Ki Khatir (Free - Bonus Star Dust Awards 2004 DVD)Aap Ki Khatir – Honestly, can some one tell Dharmesh Darshan to retire and spare us his tortures! Can someone tell Amisha Patel that making melancholic expressions doesnt construe acting! Can someone tell Sunil Shetty that joi-de-vivre is an inborn feeling; faking it never works! Can someone tell Lillette Dubey that she looked horrendous in this film spouting Anglicised Punjabi! Can someone tell…ok, I am sure you got what I want to convey.

This pain-some movie is old wine in older bottle. A soggy script with limp characters and a bland-as-London-weather scenario only worsens the viewer’s discomfort. In fact, the film ends up looking like a shoddy UK-produced small-budget fare.

I am quite surprised that Akshaye Khanna chose to do this film, which couldnt have looked attractive at script level even!

Overall – Dont even think of it!

Naksha – Beware of Vivek Oberoi in the jungle! He bored us first in Kaal, and now returns for another jungle-mein-mangle! Naksha is a directionless film that has no head nor tail nor any body in between!

Sadly, the concept is good. And one feels like screaming at the director for wasting an opportunity that could have been turned into a like slick thriller.

The story – We all know that in Mahabharat, Karan was born with the magical ‘kawach‘ and ‘kundal’ that gave him immense strength. The mythology tells us that during the Kuruskshetra war, Lord Indra (disguised as a brahman) had asked for the ‘kawach’ and ‘kundal’ as alms. This was done at the behest of Lord Krishna, in order to defeat Karan. After this, the epic is silent on the ‘kawach’ and ‘kundal’. What if Lord Indra buried these powerful object somewhere in the Himalayas? Well, the film is built on this premise wherein one archeologist is able to find the same, and prepares a map to reach the place. However, one evil person (Jackie in a horrible get up) gets to know of the same, and wants them as well. The archeologist prefers to suicide rather than give the map to Jackie.

Years later, the archeologist’s son (Vivek) learns of the map, and proceeds to get those objects, with Jackie again close on his heels. To help Vivek, there is his elder step-brother, Sunny Deol.

The story simply meanders precious reels in the jungle. And if the repartees between Sunny and Vivek were ‘comedy’ well, then the director needs to seriously watch some Hrishida films!

Our Bollywood heroes never know when to call it quits. But I had thought Sunny would have learnt from his father (Dharamendra acted in the most third-rate films in the eighties, romancing heroines like Amrita Singh and Dimple Kapadia, who were half his age. In fact, Dimple was having a allegedly having an affair with Sunny when Dharam acted opposite her!) Anyways, Sunny should take caution and remember that such inane roles dont suit his stature. I am sure there will be many writers/directors ready to provide him dignified roles that are commensurate with his age.

As for Sameera Reddy, well her role is the most wishy-washy and redundant. Perhaps, the director realised it, that’s why in the climax, she is just dropped off somewhere and forgotten as well. BTW, if Sameera’s acting career never takes off, she can try for WWE!

Overall – Go tickle your masochist streak and watch it!

18 Responses to “Mini Reviews”

  1. Mehak says:

    aa gaye !!! over to reading the post now.

  2. Mehak says:

    wow 3-in-1…

    Jaane Hoga Kya…never heard about this movie…well Aftab is too busy with Yana so can expect such type of movies from him.

    Aap Ke Khatir…don’t plan to watch this either. Dharmesh Darshan should read ur mini review. Don’t know how ppl have the money & the energy to make such horrible movies.

    Naksha….knew this wud bomb….Sunny Paaji ne hair weaving karvae hai lagta hai…..ohh I want Vivek’s movies to work……1-2 numbers from this movie are peppy & catchy…guess composed/picked up by Pritam…

  3. AmitL says:

    Hi,Deepak…nice reviews…I doubt I’ll see Jaane Kya Hoga,after reading the ‘clo(w)ne-ish details.:)As for the other two, I doubt they made the box-office jingle anywhere.

  4. Manish says:

    I had more fun reading your reviews, than actually watching these movies. To watch these movies, I know better than that 🙂

    Sometimes I really wonder why do you watch such movies, but then I realised if you wouldn’t , we will miss these lovely reviews 🙂

    WWE was sent me rolling 🙂

  5. anks says:

    i can safely say that i will give up watching movies if this is the fare that our film industry churns out….

  6. Mehak – Gold aapka 🙂 Well, actually there are more, but could write in reviews of these three ‘classics’ only. The others that I saw were Anthony Kaun Hai and Ahista Ahista (the latter I found very sweet and well made movie).

    Naya naya DVD ka shauq hai saaraa yeh 😛

    Amit – First up, congrats on ur Filmfare letter 🙂 And do watch JHK, as i said just to laugh at it ha ha

    Manish – As I told Mehak above, its all naya naya DVD ka shauq…so I get one movie on rental every evening. Time bhi pass ho jaata hai, plus I get to give you all these reviews 😉

    This is also a phase, before I get a laptop and internet at home. Similar phase happened when I went to Kathmandu…that time I saw all bakwas stuff like Dobara, Tauba Tauba etc…which reminds me, there is another Payal Rohatgi film called EK SE MERA KYA HOGA … one of these days, i m gonna watch that too LOL

    Anks – Arre nahi, even then they are a delight to watch. You must watch JHK for its ‘original’ storyline 😛 And they still make movies like LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI, which i enjoyed thoroughly. But then, I see all these ‘big budget’ stuff in cinema halls. And the kachra is left for DVD viewing…

  7. priyangini says:

    wait a minute, didn’t you say you were very busy??? now we know what you were busy with. good reviews though and I agree with your opinion on Ahista Ahista, I liked the movie too and somehow abhay deol kinda grew on me during the course of teh movie. though disliked the end where he goes back to being a witness.

  8. Priyangini – Ha ha , yeh toh mera shaam ka time pass hai 🙂 True, Ahista Ahista was good, plus it was set in Delhi, and had an interesting product placement… I had liked Abhay’s first movie as well – Socha Na Tha – that was also a sweet film.

  9. Princess says:

    Hello…Me back! great to see this fab new look 🙂

  10. Princess – Welcome back! And thanks for liking the new look and space. Hope you will be regular now 🙂

  11. Reema says:

    a belated thank u for the b’day wishes Deepak 🙂 I’m sorry for not having been around ur page lately, never ending exams!! 😐 ill drop by more frequently now hopefully!

  12. Zoya says:

    🙂 Happy Diwali ! Office has 5 days off…Mon to Fri and counting the previous and next Sat-Sun it comes to a whopping 9 days off. So here I am…off on my vacation. Not going anywhere. Just catching up on friends and family. You enjoy your Diwali. 🙂

  13. Navjot says:

    Wishing you all a vaery Happy Diwali !! May this Diwali bring health, wealth and prosperity to you and you family in the coming year!!!!

  14. Reema – It’s ok, even i hvnt been too much around blogs for long now 🙂 Hope u enjoyed ur day 😀

    Zoya – Many thanks, and same to you as well. Me too have a long stretch of hols till Wed. Am in Delhi for this extended weekend 🙂

    Navjot – Thanks a ton buddy, and wishing you the same as well…

  15. richa says:

    hey.. ur review is good..keep watching d movies for us !! n hey…. loads of worth reviewing movies have been released of late.. write down their reviews too !! i wud be back here…

  16. richa says:

    and hey……… u got ur own webspace.. … cool !

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  18. Maliha says:

    well said, finally a good report on this stuff

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