Shat shat pranaam – Lata Didi

I am back to what I am best at – travelling the road. This time, infertility information pills it’s the interiors of Maharashtra. Pune is an old haunt, illness but this time it felt a tad too far off as the Volvo bus driver decided to pick up anyone and everyone to fill up the empty seats, before leaving Mumbai. The early morning journey ended in early noon.

Pune to Nashik followed immediately (since the bus had consumed the time I had reserved for there). Been used to the rugged Uttar Pradesh terrain, the route surprised me. It was lush green and weaved through little hills and hillocks (the ghats), passing through vast stretches of open and lush cloud-kissed lands, uninterrupted by man or nature. “What Switzerland? Why don’t our film-makers shoot here?” I wondered aloud. It was just the flawless location for a mesmerizing love duet!

En route Nashik, after one meeting at Sangamner, we saw a signboard of Shirdi. ‘Is it nearby?’ I asked. It seemed so. Since it would be late in any case for Nashik, we decided to pay darshan at Shirdi. It’s a typical temple-town, with all its infrastructure and business centered around Sai Baba’s Temple. We got a lovely darshan…that too on a Thursday, the day considered auspicious to the sage.

We started for Nashik after the sun had convincingly risen in some other part of the planet.

I fell in love with Nashik the moment I saw it. Wide roads, pretty clean and without any rush. It’s the ‘Pune of some fifteen years back’, my colleague remarked. A ring of mountains nestled the quaint town. The air was fresh and vibrant, and it must have helped my lungs, for I had a very deep sleep that night (it could also be due to the immense fatigue, as that day we did a whopping 9-10 meetings, in a row, one after the other – and by the end of which, another cup of tea or coffee would have made me throw up).

We stayed there for two days, and returned on Saturday late evening. It was a fruitful visit. And adds one more town in my long list of places visited.
It is the second consecutive year when, here on this auspicious day, recipe I am in a new town, without a consistent source of internet to type out a full-fledged message. But the solace is that I am breathing the same air, in the same city, as where the Queen of Melody resides.

It’s amazing how another year has gone by. And yet, in this added year, my love for that perfect voice hasn’t diminished one bit. Only, as I am away from music, the love has grown fonder, and deeper. I miss listening to Lata (Mangeshkar)Didi’s songs, and hope to be re-united with them soon, once my luggage arrives from Delhi. Still, whenever and wherever I can snatch those precious moments, I do try to listen to her. One such instance was when I travelled to Nashik, I put on my own CD in my colleague’s car, and listened to a bunch of marvellous Lata Mangeshkar-Madan Mohan combine songs.

Here’s wishing Lata Didi a very happy, peaceful, wonderful and melodious birthday, and praying to Almighty for her long life and health.

Happy Birthday, Lataji!


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  1. TAS says:

    Shat shat pranam DJ Pahji!
    Tussi vi great ho…when did mumbai happen? was out of the loop, had been traveling for the last 20 days!
    so you in bombay…great! Pedder road flyover pe gaye kya? wahan se did ka flat dikhta hai..vaise toh ja ke mil bhi sakte so. Anyway, naturals ki tender coconut ya watermelon icecream aur Kanjoor marg station ka vada pao evam leopold ki egg biryani aur uske saamne coconut ya sitaphal milkshake khate hue hamein yaad kar lena!

  2. TAS says:

    just scrolled down to the last few posts…house hunting in mumbai can be quite an experience! now wonder countless movies have been made on the subject…khair, ek akela is shehar mein…hmmm! I am sure amchi mumbai takes you in like it does with everybody! hey, btw have you read shantaram? this is one book you should read….slightly longish but one of the best books in a long time and surely does capture the essence of mumbai like no other.
    and yes…churchgate station ki dabeli aur chutney sandwich bhi kha lena aur flora fountain ke book stalls bhi checkj kar lena! bombay! oh bombay! I envy you…!

  3. Apoorva says:

    Now that you are in Mumbai, perhaps you could visit her place!

    Address chahiye?

  4. Harshad Jangla says:

    Hamare bhi shat shat pranam didi ko.
    Shall look forward to your meeting with didi ASAP.

  5. kaush says:

    And you are telling us you did not actually go to the flyover and wish didi a happy birthday?????? Heres wishing the queen many many melodious years ahead and to you that you get to wish her on her birthday next year 🙂

  6. Madhu says:

    Wishing our dear Latadidi a very very happy birthday!
    This day is like a festival with celebrations for all Latabhakts, isnt it?
    Long Live Latadidi!!

  7. Manish says:

    Long live Lata Ji, and keeps on singing!

  8. TAS – Jahan qismat le chale wahiin chal padte hain 🙂 Came to Mumbai this month only… yep trying out all the local ‘street food’ here 🙂

    Apoorva – U honestly didnt think that i wouldnt have the address ? 😉

    Harshad, Madhu, Manish – – 🙂 Yes, Long live Lataji

    Kaushi – Nahi re, abhi nahi…

  9. Kislay says:

    Happy Birthday to Lataji !!

  10. anks says:

    Arre, lataji ke b’day kee itnee pheekee post! mazaa nahin aaya…. 🙁

    ghar mil gaya?

  11. Madhu says:

    Today is 17th. Almost 20 days have passed!! Still no updates?

  12. Anz says:

    Haw….a whole month! bad bad DJ

  13. Kislay says:

    No posts?!

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