Shocking Pictures

The following are some never-seen and never-thought-of pictures that will make your eyeballs pop out. Sensationalism finds a new height. Whether these pics are real or morphed or not, herbal one cannot tell. But as of now they present the zenith of unimaginable intent.

Presenting Mallika Shehrawat, viagra approved fully dressed. Yes, order yes – not even a cleavage peeping out of the stifled confines of clothes. If these pics are real, hats off to Mallika for going through the photo shoot in suffocating conditons of full clothes!

Mika-Rakhi Face Off

Mika got the royal snub when he tried to make Rakhi Sawant his kiss kiss ki kiss-mate and the media went berserk over this smooch ado about nothing drama. For those who came in very late – On Mika’s birthday party, Sawant smothered Mika with cakes and kisses. When Mika reciprocated zealously, Sawant’s bhartiya naari within woke up and before he could say ‘something something’, she screamed foul – not about Mika’s breath, but about the incident.

Last month, Sawant was all over the channels for vulgarity charges. Recently, she has been giving many a Bollywood bimbo a cut-cloth competition in her field.

In her interviews, she aggressively claimed, ‘my fans love me’! Honestly, I will like to meet these demented souls – and send them to a psychiatrist for treatment!

Rahul Mahajan

Rahul’s mahajung continues; though not in the mainstream news any longer , still it’s poppy-ing out at regular intervals. There is something about sensationalism that makes you return to it again and again.

Unless you have just landed from Mars, you would know that late Pramod Mahajan’s son was caught with powders that were not thanda thanda cool cool! As the story progressed from conspiracy to champagne to cocaine (and the nation went from shock to to sympathy to sneer), the media quickly withdrew it from its main slots – but the symptoms are clear: too many news channels spoil the television broth!

By the end of these repeat telecasts and newspaper reports, everyone would have had a refresher course on the difference between cocaine and heroin (and any other drug), champagne and sparkling wine, middle class and rich brats – which essentially, this whole story is all about.

John Aur Con

Overhead in a busy mall – a smart kid telling his excited mom, who was pushing her child to fill the contest form wherein the winner gets to act with John Abraham, ‘ Mom, that’s all ok, but are you sure John will act!’ Touche!

Kids these days, I tell you, are very smart. And are not going to be taken by media’s forcing of i-cons!

But must admit, generally speaking John does have a special place with kids  – as does Hrithik Roshan. Which reminds me, Hrithik has clambered out of his media hibernation, and is these days the most seen person, while Aamir has slithered back into hiding again – till the next release, that is!

Kaala Kaala Chashma

Big B ki amar-vyatha got a chapter added when the income tax department  allegedly delivered yet another notice. To which, Big B gave a decent and extremely well-worded reply. In this chhitti-chhitti baatein, Amar Singh again got badi badi time space on channels as he came out to defend his ‘friend’ – he also alleged that Big B is being hounded unnecessarily by someone from a family who was so-nia to them once-upon-a-history!

Bitchy Comment of the Day

Soha Ali Khan states, “People tell me that I look as if I belong to another century. I guess that’s a compliment”. Or perhaps, they mean that she looks like a ghost 😛

22 Responses to “Shocking Pictures”

  1. girl says:

    soha does look like shez frm another century.. but i honestly like her looks..
    @mahajan, as if those Indian news channels didnt gimme enough of him even in the US of A! @mallika, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………….. r those pics like sum mms scandals? i dnt believe they r real!

  2. Vicky says:

    have been away from the blogville for a while…but ur mess on yahoo fired my curiosity and dragged me here..

    and mallika does seem heavily “over-dressed” by her own standards….

    good one…

  3. Mehak says:

    oye yaha toh Pg3 gossip vala post hai !!

    Mallika-overdose hai voh toh puri

    DJ i missed the Mika-Rakhi controversy on TV….mujhe kal subah pata chala about this ‘scandal’….but I saw Rakhi’s interview on CNN IBN last week…it was extremely hilarious….some quotes from that interview ‘mein gym bhi jaate hu’ / ‘aaj kal meine thoda put on kar liya hai’ / ‘meri koi personal life nahin hai’ / AND THE BEST ONE–> ‘aajkal mans womans ko nahin dabate…womans mans ko dabate hai’

    John…find him bearable…can watch his flicks 🙂

    Ohh haan ji aajkal AB aur IT dept ka panga chal raha hai…yeah that kaala chasma is in News !!

    Read Soha’s comment today morning in Bangalore Times…she is really beautiful ….kaafi elegant hai..n sachi royal family ke lagte hai

  4. GIRL – No clue if the pics are real or not, they came as a forward to me. But then they cud be real , after all there is no law that she cannot wear clothes LOL …

    VICKY – He he sure she is overdressed. Gud that the message brought u here … hope it has the same effect on others 😉

    MEHAK – Yep, its a P3 masti wala post… hope it was enjoyable 🙂

    ROFL @ Rakhi’s quotes ; in her accented and super-fast way of speaking they would sound all the more great ha ha ha

    I guess the IT-hounding continues – today i saw a news that they are asking for Abhishek Bachchan’s income details for the past six years now!

    Soha’s comment was from Delhi Times, I guess saare shaharon mein woh Bollywood back page same hi jaata hoga 🙂

  5. priyangini says:

    hi sirji, sudden inspiration in sarcastic humour? good post, well-worded and entertaining. btw i m busy and not seen because of statutory audit going on. you will remember my hibernation during this time last year as well. and sadly the lappy has broken down so i have to keep the task incomplete.

    hows u? any news on the naukri front? my trip to pune was good, met with manishbhai and bhabhi. seemed like i have known them for years. enjoyed a lot. aur batao, duniya ki khabar toh de di, ab apni bhi sunao.

  6. Mehak says:

    yeah now Jr Saab ko pakad liya hai…n yes u r right…delhi times vali info he hote hai Bangalore Times ke Bollywood/Hollywood section mein

  7. Navjot says:

    When I read the first few lines – I expected that sort of thing only 🙂
    Rest its all page 3 gossip – I don’t much interest in that sort of things

  8. mannat says:

    Interesting pictures. I seriously doubt though that she actually posed for them. But then who knows what these celebrities would do for a publicity stunt!
    The Mika Rakhi thing was hilarious. I heard the conversation these two had over the phone. I just don’t know what Rakhi Sawant is trying to prove. She needs to have a closer look at herself. I just can’t stand her bitchy looks.
    True, Rahul Mahajan case was all over the news media this last week. Although it’s no longer headline news, I am sure 24 hrs news channels like AajTak must be still broadcasting the same thing over and over again. Well the opposition party is taking full advantage of the situation to make things worse. I just feel sorry for the poor family. In a matter of 2 months, life has turned upside down for them, with the death of Pramod Mahajn first and now this whole drug ghapla.
    Well, with Rahul Mahajan’s news going fading down a bit, hamare apne Big B now holds the limelight. Stardom just doesn’t get any better.
    Soha Ali Khan definitely has the looks….like mother like daughter

  9. Priyangini – Aise hi masti ke liye likh diya – happy u liked it 🙂 Arre, abhi tak lappy waapis nahi aaya … was waiting for ur mails to resume 😀 Yeah I know meeting Manish and Bhabhiji is wonderful … let’s see when i go there next. Apni khabar kya sunaaoon? Nothing much. Status quo as of now.

    Mehak – Waise it makes sense also – har shahar ke liye alag khabar kahan se laayenge from Bollywood!

    Navjot – Its fun to poke fun at these P3P’s

    Mannat – This Rakhi Sawant has gone mad – the way she speaks gives serious doubts on her sanity. And there was yet another interview of hers on one channel y’day.

    Big B’s entire family is now into the tax-brigade’s questioning mode.

    Yeah, keeping the huminatiarian thing aside, Rahul Mahajan episode was a good – as they say in punjabi – ‘shugar-mela’ for the 24*7 channel-walahs.

    Somehow, I hv never fancied Soha Ali Khan – to me she always looks like a distorted version of her mother , whom i rate very very high 😀

  10. arunima says:

    Actresses have learnt that cleavage cannot salvage anymore. It is going to be one of my up-coming posts too.

    Good post Deepak as always.

  11. Amit Loiwal says:

    LOL..Deepakji,tell me,do u find Mallikaben attractive or otherwise??As for the bitchy comment of the day,reg. Soha AK,well,well,it looks like u’re making this a sort of tinsel town mag,kya?

  12. jammy says:

    the title “shocking pics” was awesome!

  13. ARUNIMA – – well, it seems that some B. grade and pea-brained people like Rakhi Sawant have yet to learn the lesson – even in the news channel interviews apart from her tiny brain, u cud see tinier clothes. will wait for your post ….thanks for liking this one 😀

    AMIT – have transferred your comment from YM offliner to here 🙂 Well, Mallika has spunk no doubt – find her entire personality amusing if not wholly attractive .

    JAMMY – Thank u 😀

  14. Bhagya says:

    Now that must have been a very tedious task to find Mallika’s fully clothed pictures 😀

  15. BHAGYA – Well I was saved the trouble since someone forwarded to me on mail, else I know it is quite impossible to get even a decent picture of hers in full clothes 😛

  16. gnextdoor says:

    hahhahahha….good one!

  17. Melody says:

    Hey there… my first time here, came in from Nupur’s blog.

    Was truly shocked by the pics, lol… good stuff here. Very interesting, shall be back!

    Keep blogging!

  18. GNEXTDOOR – Thanks

    MELODY – A very very warm welcome. Thanks for liking this. Please do keep coming back.

  19. j s rajput says:

    teri ma ki chut….bahenchod…aur koi kaam nahi hai teri bhosdiwale?

  20. Rajput – Waah, aapki bhasha toh bahut hi saaf aur achhi hai, aap ghar mein sabse aise hi baat karte hain na?

  21. raman says:

    hello mallika sherawat
    you are friendship with me
    mallikam please tell me yes & no
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    your new friend Raman

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