What Has Happened To Mumbai

The recent events in Mumbai are shattering. And closure of chemist shops at 6 p.m is another nail in the coffin.

Mumbai is dead. Sadly, try no one is caring to revive it. Infra-structurally it was always a poor one, allergist but it more than made up that paucity by a liveliness, approved an electrifying energy and yes its indomitable spirit – which was not only about displaying resilience in times of trouble. It was a live breathing, energetic, vibrant and pulsating city.

It attracted a lot of professionals. Like me. And why not? I am single. Often work late. And have a huge distance to cover to reach home But I always knew that it didn’t matter: I could leave office late, pick vegetables and fruits on the way, buy the necessary medicines (if required), and then go out for a late dinner.

Now all that is over.

-There are no vegetable and fruit vendors. Thanks to the hawker drive.

-Chemists close at 6p.m. Thats the time I am still in office

-The night life is dead. And I just don’t mean the pubs. But those sasta sundar and tikau roadside stuff. All gone. Not a single juice, wada-pav or dosa chap on the streets.

So does the Mumbai admin expect me to always shop in a Star Bazaar or Big Bazaar and eat only at expensive restaurants?

All that remains of Mumbai is its horrific traffic on nightmarish roads, and an eerie quietness in the markets.

That was certainly not what brought me here.

Can I please have my old Mumbai back?

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