Five Things To Avoid When Staying Alone

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Don’t get trapped in self-pity: It’s a trap that is very difficult to avoid. Staying alone means facing your thoughts in solitary confinements. And in this it is easy to get into a self-piteous mode. Socialize as much as your mental disposition allows. And if you are an introvert, read more try not to be in front of the internet for too long. The one-way silent communication adds to the dullness and depression. A television is a better option, medic since visuals-with-sound destroys the silence and the monotony.

Don’t drink alone: Pretty much linked to above. Once that sadness creeps in, liquor seems the best mate to share it with. After a while, you start enjoying the drinks with some superbly sad songs – looking forward to it daily and eventually get addicted. Simply keep a strong check on your will-power; and if you must drink alone, let it not be at your place. The best idea is not to keep either liquor bottles or its accessories (soda, cold drinks) at your place at all. I have been through the routine of drinking alone, playing some sad songs and generally feeling sorry honestly, it didn’t help to alleviate the pain. Rather, it aggravated. And then, to assuage the enhanced pain, the next evening would be more depressive the vicious circle simply goes on! You are not a Hindi film hero, and the crescendo of the background song doesn’t end the scene – the hangover remains suspended heavily in your brain and body! Also, if you are a smoker, the intake can substantially increase, so keep an eye on the consumption!

Don’t tolerate dirtiness: Dirty socks and half-finished bananas peeking from underneath the bed make interesting and humorous stories, but they also add to the heavy atmosphere. There is nothing better to cheer you than a good, clean house. If you happen to have an extra bed, then use it as a bed not as your store-house! I don’t follow this very religiously, but when the pile of newspapers threatens to outgrow Mt. Everest, I take action at once. Cleaning can be cathartic!

Don’t make it a pub/rest-house for others: Bachelors staying alone are easy preys for friends using it a as a pub/rest house. Once in a while it is ok, but if it is becoming a regular syndrome, put your foot down firmly. Certainly, don’t allow friends to make your house a “getaway resort” for some “action/fun”! I am very categorical when it comes to the last issue, often to the point of rudeness.

Don’t shy away from buying amenities: Just because you are staying alone doesn t mean you have to live a corporal punishment! Spend money judiciously on as much amenities that are necessary. The difference in my stay in Nepal and Agra is that here I bought all the required stuff (TV, DVD, fridge, proper bed, etc) and I can clearly feel the difference. Of course, my house is not as full as it should be (in fact the large bare drawing room is fit for a cricket match) but still I have enough facilities to make a comfortable living.

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18 Responses to “Five Things To Avoid When Staying Alone”

  1. Mehak says:

    GOLD mera!!!

  2. vidya says:

    Hi DJ,

    That is a ‘juxta-post’. Funny lines but overall serious post. If I had to have a meal alone, I used to switch on the TV…..could never eat alone!. If I see someone eating alone in a hotel, I feel sorry for them, more so if it is a girl. I am sure they see us, having a meal, distracted and managing our kids and probably feel sorry for us! Now-a-days, if the children are at my parents place and I have the house to myself, I draw out and enjoy my meal 🙂

  3. vidya says:

    My blog is now

  4. Apoorva says:

    Arre!! Bare drawing room fit for cricket match!!
    Chalo chalo, India needs a new Sachin! Practice chaloo karo! 😛

  5. Mehak says:

    Nice post DJ…more so cuz of the humour.. u’ve gelled in so well with your viewpoint on the drinking n dirtiness pointers 🙂

    I am amazed to see sooo many different ‘genres’ of posts coming up here….I am lurvin’ it 😀

  6. Hari says:

    Hi Deepak,

    Coming here after really long time, so much so that even your blog ID has changed. Was out of blogging for personal reasons but finally realised that no reason is good enough to quit blogging.

    Something pushed me to have a peep into your blog and here I see you feeling lonely. But just as I thought I could help you beat your loneliness, I see that you have more than beautifully managed your loneliness and learnt the do’s and dont’s to perfection.

    I promise to visit your blog regularly now and I myself hope to raise my blogging to a level that I can again find a place in your link list.

    Take care

  7. Mehak – Gold aapka 🙂 And i hope i can continue churning out posts this way… though sometimes i feel RE is a bit too random…

    Vidya – Thanx…didnt want to keep the post heavy… Great to see you here – and sure will visit your new space soon …

    Apoorva – LOL …

    Hari – Welcome back ! 🙂 Thanks for being here … and of course will revisit your blog very shortly…

  8. Juneli says:


  9. Mehak says:

    Maybe its the randomness that pulls all your ‘loyal’ readers here every day.

  10. Abhishek says:

    DJ… i stay alone and i know what u r refg to … and i couldn’t agree more with you … 🙂 nice post… (i sometimes go on a shopping/window shopping mode) … 😛

  11. Chakoli says:

    :-))))…cudn’t resist laughing…!!!coz u have jotted down all those dnt’s which are MUST!!!!

  12. Manish says:

    That is what called talking from experience. And very apt. I remember from my bachelor days(though it has been so much time since then that I scarecely remember 🙂 ) that a dirty house realy emits sorry vibes.

    Nice one.

  13. Juneli – Hmmmm

    Mehak – Yeah, but as far as I hv read random-ness is almost pro-blogger suicide 🙂 You know what? I have a half written post on this, maybe I will complete it to explain it better…

    Abhishek – Yep that’s a good idea too. I usually browse through a music or bookstore…

    Chakoli – Welcome here … and ha ha ha , I know i know, but then those things are not good either…

    Manish – Thanks 🙂

  14. Mehak says:

    haanji…more on this pliss…so better complete that post & publish it 🙂

  15. Juneli says:


    I accepted your tag too 🙂

  16. Poonam says:

    Hey, despite your nice do’s and don’ts for how to be happy when staying alone, it radiated to me that you were lonely. Take care, buddy. Have a blast, as the cliche goes, you live life only once. 🙂

  17. If you want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for four from five. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn msn to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!

  18. Uthayan says:

    I was in very deep depression and being sad because I have been staying alone for last four years. Now I feel the difference by following up your instructions.

    Thanks a lot

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