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Son of Sardaar

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

A few pointers & questions to Mr Ashwini Dhir & Mr. Ajay Devgn:

1. I like your sense of humour – the name itself said, neurologist "SOS", dosage so cant blame you really – but how come you forgot to inject the same humour in the film?

2. Was it necessary for all dialogues to be spoken as some sermon in one high-pitched drone – this was a film, ed not Mahabharat right?

3. We, the audience, are not that dumb not to read the film’s name – you needn’t have peppered the word ‘Sardaar’ in every other dialogue!

4. Could you please give us whatever you intoxicated your editor with? At least, we can also sit through those painfully lengthy chase-and-action sequences.

5. Slow motion is an effect to enhance a scene. Beyond a point, it ceases to be!

6. I am not blaming your music directors (two of them!) – songs can be a speed-breaker only in something that has speed in the first place!

7. Please go and watch a few of Tanuja’s brilliant acted movie before wasting her in a half-baked half-loony matriarch’s role.

8. Camera angles have been bane of a certain Mr. Ram Gopal Verma. Did you not read the flak he received? Or did you take the phrase ‘over the top’ a bit too literally. It’s not a joke to see so many top angle shots!

9. Please do buy a dictionary and check the word ‘cohesion’ – it may give you some insights. I love commercial films ( Salman Khan, who makes a rather unnecessary guest appearance in this one, is a master in them) but this one irritates and bores to the core!

10. Your heroines (Sonakshi and Juhi) are like glittering sparkles – but you simply allowed them to sinfully fizzle out.

Your Pained Viewer!